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Aylin Dengizer-Sharp


Aylin Dengizer-Sharp

I am a trained professional artist with a degree in Fine Art. I work in various media including inks and acrylics but mainly in oils. I have exhibited in the Bahamas, Spain and the UK.

In 1988-1989 I obtained a National Diploma in Foundation Studies from West Sussex College of Art & Design in Worthing. Between 1990 and 2000 I spent my years abroad building my art career in the Bahamas, doing commissions and teaching art, and studied graphic design in the United States. I then continued working as a freelance artist in Freeport, Bahamas. I used various media but specialised in seascapes, landscapes, and other island scenes using oils.I later continued freelancing in Spain exploring the Mediterranean light on white washed buildings and in narrow cobbled streets and mountain terrains.I returned to England to complete a degree course in Fine Art (Painting) at Northbrook College, in Worthing, from 2004-2007.In this exhibition I have used subject matter from my travels around this country and abroad focusing on coastlines, boats, and more exotic Mediterranean and oriental scenes.I find the rugged coastlines and colourful harbours visually exciting and I have tried to capture this excitement in my paintings along with the strong light. I am very interested in the effects of light and many of my paintings have strong lights and darks or are painted ‘against the light'.I am equally at home with figurative work and if you wish to discuss any of my work or a commission please call me on

Telephone 01903 533002,    mobile 07927628189,     or email  aylin.sharp@gmail.com

web site -www.aylin-d-sharp-art.com