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Claudine Peronne


I am a French artist based in Worthing, West Sussex. I draw the inner life - the invisible world of dreams, feelings and inner experiences. Some of my images come to me in dreams and others appear in waking life. My artwork is about inner listening and perceiving and giving form to fleeting images which seem to belong to the life of a mysterious, invisible reality which I cannot express with ordinary language. My art images tell the story of my inner journey and for me form a bridge between the inner world and the outer world.

I use watercolour pencils, soft pastels and ink to give form to the ‘unseen‘ and occasionally clay. More recently I have felt drawn to using shells and small pebbles as media for my art.

My painted shells and some of my small pictures are displayed at the Shoreham gallery all year round.

Website: www.claudinesart.co.uk