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Angela Brittain


Usually working in oils,acrylics and watercolour from highly finished crayon sketches, Angela makes most of her decisions on colour and composition in these preliminary sketches. The starting point for a work could be an observation from life, a quotation, or a line from a song. Once the colour scheme is fixed, a base colour wash of the most repeated colour is put down on stretched canvas to give harmony to the work as a whole. Continuing with a limited palette and accents of colour opposites helps create the element of surprise and excitement.

Because the works are predominantly figurative, regular life drawing sessions and sketching in her many sketchbooks maintains figure drawing fluidity and confidence whilst allowing for departures into expression and distortion to fit the design and the narrative.

Email angelambrittain@gmail.com

A moving experience

Divided Dreams

Leda and the Swan

The Waltz

Releasing the joy