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Una Beavan


Having studied art in my youth I then took it up again as a mature student at Brighton University.

My inspiration at that time was taken from natural earth and rock formations and those that were created by prehistoric man. I found printmaking, particularly etching, an ideal vehicle for obtaining the various atmospheres and moods I wished to create. Enjoying the physicality of making the marks on the metal and putting it into the acid to bite into the image. The element of surprise obtained from the method was very satisfying. My main pleasure was creating the depth of tone through deeply bitten images giving it another dimension.

At the moment I am concentrating on oil painting, enjoying the pushing the paint around the canvass - again I enjoy the element of surprise and making marks into the painted image. I am engrossed in the shapes of boats interacting with water and buildings.

I have exhibited in London but mainly in Sussex , individual exhibitions and in groups. In recent years I have exhibited in the yearly Brighton and Hove Art Trail.

SUSSEX BN 16 2NZ T- 01903 782606
Email j.beaven(a), mail.com

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